East London Velo – Terms & Conditions of Membership

Dear Members and potential Members

With effect from 1st January 2017 all membership for the club will be managed through the British Cycling Management Tool. This is an online database that the Club Secretary will use to store all member details. As it is accessed via the British Cycling website all new members and those members who are renewing will need to apply for membership through an online account. This does not mean that you need to be a member of British Cycling. You will just need to setup an account on their website to apply for club membership.  However, all members are encouraged to join British Cycling to take advantage of their third party liability insurance.

During the registration you will need to accept the terms and conditions of membership for East London Velo. These are as follows:


  • Membership is due from the 1st of January each year unless you join after 1st October in which case you will be given free membership for the following year.
  • Once membership expires, you will be notified by email, and must renew within 28 days otherwise you will be deemed to no longer be a club member and your details will be removed from the club management tool.
  • All new membership and renewals should be applied for through the club subscription page hosted by British Cycling.
  • All members details will be held on the British Cycling Management Tool. 
  • All new subscriptions will be either accepted or rejected by the Club Secretary or their nominated representative.  Any person whose application to join the club is rejected have a right to appeal in writing to the Club Chairman and Club Secretary.


If you have exceptional circumstances whereby you cannot apply for or renew your membership using the British Cycling website then please email the Club Secretary directly stating why you cannot apply online.
If you have any questions regarding membership then please contact the Membership Secretary.


Or, if you want to join the club, our British Cycling club page is here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/profile/918/east-london-velo


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Winter Series Conditions

Last weekend we gave out about 15 hypothermic sheets with many riders suffering from severe cold / hypothermia. Thanks very much to our first aider Neil Irons, who managed the situation very well, ensuring there were no long lasting effects of the racing.

Our races are run in cold conditions, and a number of riders were seriously endangering their health at the weekend. Please remember to take note of the weather forecast, and make sure you bring spare warm and waterproof clothing – especially if you ride over to the circuit. In those conditions you wouldn’t have seen pros riding without gillets and waterproof jackets on – better being a bit hot than dead of the cold…

Apart from layering up your body, for cold weather racing try using surgical gloves under gloves to keep fingers dry and warm and cling film round feet.

Chris’ bulking strategy is clearly paying dividends

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6 Days of Winter: Postscript…

The series made the Cycling Weekly home page…

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Koksijde World Cup Cyclocross and Gent 6

We went on a trip to Belgium, 15 of us. While we were there, we saw the Cyclocross World Cup race at Koksijde, won by Neils Albert (more info here), and the last day of the Gent 6. We also drank many beers and engaged in much friendly banter. All in all a fantastic weekend! Oh, and a future World Champion got to meet the current World Champion. I think we may go back next year.



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Its all about the numbers…

He keeps it quiet, but Mark has a day job. Apart from doing the site design for us (and riding his bike) he is also a talented Graphic Designer. So, lucky for his when work and pleasure collide, as it did with a recent project for Saxo Bank, title sponsor of Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff. Working to a simple brief of ‘It’s all about the numbers’ Mark’s company BCMH designed and oversaw the intro titles for the project, which comprises 10 short films being released in the build up to the 100th edition of the Tour de France. You can find them here.

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ELV Summer Series Week 3 Photos

17th May

Ian Lambert has again shared some pictures from last nights race. A couple below, you can find more on his Flickr account.

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Reminder: ELV Men’s and Women’s Road Races

April 29th

Just a quick reminder that entries close for the ELV Road Races on 10th May. The men’s race is a Regional A (234) run as part of the ERRL, whilst the womens race is an open event (E1234) run as a round of the London Womens Cycling League. Full details and entries are available online via the BC website.

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Winter Training at Highams Park Coaching Centre

Winter Training Schedule 2011 – 2012

Tuesdays 6.30 – 9.00 Power Speed & Strength Conditioning

Sessions are approx 40 minutes, Juniors & beginners 6.30 p.m. Seniors: 7.30 onwards
Fees Members/under 18’s £3/ non-members £5

These are high intensity resistance based intervals to create fast powerful muscles, forget slow painful weights, think high energy power. We focus on Upper Body, Core & Hips and Thighs, with fully integrated muscular adaptation.

Thursdays 6.30 – 9-00 Cycling Specific Flexibility

Combining the best of Yoga & Pilates to free tight areas, increase flexibility and muscular endurance. Instructor is Joseph Alberti, top cycling fitness guy.

Juniors & Beginners 6.30 p.m. Seniors from 7.30 pm

Session length up to 2 hours depending when you arrive.
Fees: under 18’s £3/ seniors £5/ non-members £8

Membership until 31st December 2012 – Juniors £5/Seniors £10
For full details Phone Mike or Tony, 07985 020674 or 07817 750800

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Wayne's scary sausage

Wayne's scary sausage

Wayne wonder turned out in the alternative ELV skinsuit on Saturday night at Rollapaluza’s Muddy Hell after dark cyclocross event. Having left his super light at home all charged up and ready to go, Wayne tackled the course relying on other riders’ lights and still managed a very respectable finish. Here he is enjoying a post race recovery snack

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British Schools Cycling Association National & Regional Criteriums

Programme and rider details

Click on the linke below to download



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Growing old gracefully??

Happy birthday GG!! From all at ELV.

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Calshot Velodrome – November 2009

ELV made the second of our series of winter visits to Calshot on 21st November. It was a great day out with everybody making progress on the boards. Apart from ELV bus karaoke, directed by Mick French, the highlight was the flying lap. Will Holyman came out on top, showing not only the ELV seniors but all the other riders in the session a clean pair of heels.

Flying lap results:

Will Holyman 10:52

Adam French 10:58

David Barnes 10:80

Will Aldridge 10:82

Will McFarland 10:95

Rob Windsor 10:98

Gino Howe 11:09

David Bamford 11:30

Anna Grundy 11:80

Stacey Cooley 12:64

Thanks very much to our drivers, Mick and Rob.

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Victoria 10.2 TT – Dude, Where’s My Car (keys)?

An eventful day out in Audley End, produced some very good rides from numerous ELV riders.

A full report from TT Captain Simon will follow.

After the ride several ELV riders took part in a new and exciting event which will be included in the upcoming club champs. TT Supremo Simon Bateson hid his car keys in a bush before his ride, as he didn’t want to carry them and alter his finely tuned aero position.  In fact he hid them so well it took half an hour to find them after.

Well done to Craig Veall who will be fiercly defending his title at the Club Champs.




Windsor (going so fast the camera missed him)



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Hog Hill Summer Series 12 – 30th July 2009

E/1/2 National B     28 riders

1    Jason White    Cycling Bargains
2    Rob Jackson    Team Toachin
3    Ashley Cox    Beds RC
4    Ian Franklin    BMC UK RT
5    Dan Patten    Maximas Coffee
6    Matt Carden    Team Quest
7    Darren Barclay    Arctic RT
8    Richard Da Silver    Stevenage CC
9    Andy Sanders    Ciclos Uno
10    Roger Browne    Bee Line RT
11    Phil Hersey    Eagle RC
12    Andy Hastings    Finchley RT
13    Will Hayter    London Dynamo
14    Ishmael Bordeau    Agistoviner
15    Mike Jackson    CC Luton
16    Mike Wragg    Team Milton Keynes
17    Chris Smith    Python RT
18    Dan Kogan    BMC UK RT
19    Nathan Miller    Interbike
20    Richard Holt    London Dynamo
21    Felix English    Team Carridori
22    Stuart Murfin    Ashfield RC

3/4 Regional B    41 riders

1    Darren Cainey    East London Velo
2    Kevin Barber    PCA/Ciclos Uno
3    Paul Drake    London Dynamo
4    Harrison Morgan    Private Member
5    Michael Briars    Private Member
6    Kristian Downs    Glendene CC
7    Mark Hopkins    East London Velo
8    Tim Butt    Maldon & District CC
9    Harry Littlechild    London Dynamo
10    Gray Turnock    Finsbury Park CC
11    Luis Cuevas    Private Member
12    Simon Heytor    Addiscombe CC
13    Dave Bamford    East London Velo
14    Jason Kettle    Lea Valley Youth CC
15    Tom Neill    Finchley RT
16    Patrick Hawkins    Shavedlegs.co.uk
17    Tom Fitzpatrick    API/Metrow Foods
18    Matt Anderson    CC Hackney
19    George Pearl    Southend Wheeleers
20    Trevor Whittock    Lea Valley CC
21    Philip Thomerson     Glendene CC
22    Dave Morrell    London Phoenix
23    Peter Anderson    Elite CC
24    Tom Caldwell    St Ives CC
25    Adam Elliott    Colour Tech
26    Paul Martin    Glendene CC
27    Matt Gallegher    PCA/Ciclos Uno
28    David Fong    Dulwich Paragon
29    Nigel Hobday    Cambrdige CC
30    Steve Murrell    East London Velo
31    Mark Porter    Glade CC
32    Hugo Robins    East London Velo
33    Russell Ford    Colchester Rovers
34    Tom Bishop    London Phoenix

Women only National B    6 riders

1    Nikki Juniper    PCA/Ciclos Uno
2    Anna Grundy    East London Velo
3    Naomi Anderson    London Dynamo
4    Sandra Mackay    Essex Roads
5    Susan Wood    Maldon & District
6    Stacey Cooley    East London Velo

Dan Kogan    BMC UK RT
David Fong    Dulwich Paragon

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Barnes Storms In!

At the Redbridge CC Regional A Road Race, East London Vélo put up its strongest riders, but we faced a daunting field packed with the strong men from all across the ERRL, and strengthened further with reserves called in from Central and South-Eastern regions.

This race called for a little imagination in the planning.  Our highest profile rider was Graham Galvin, returning from his win at the Paul Simon Homes race and his 2nd place in the race-long break at the Ike Saul. When he went off from the gun he was sure to attract the attention of those riders ambitious for this win, and so it proved. The group that formed this first break of seven surely made up the cream of the field.

Even as they joined in this attack however, they were lured into a trap.  By spending the whole race working in this break they would exhaust themselves and so when the time came to launch the rider we hoped would win this race, they would be blunted, spent.

And so it proved.  First Darren Cainey and then James Cocker put the pressure on and strung out the field, and as they reached the top of the climb, they had achieved the work they set out to do and split the field throughout its length.  David Barnes set off to make the bridge to join the group in front, and James went too and so did half a dozen riders still in touch.

They closed the gap and formed a larger group in front, perhaps 15, with three of these from ELV.  We had the numerical advantage but what to do with it?  Attack!  Attack and split the group again.

First James, again, then David, unstoppable, when James was caught.  Only one rider from the first break made the final group of four which escaped again with David, and none of these could match his power as he rode away to win a race in which he didn’t start as favourite.

Except, that is, with us.

1st David Barnes
8th James Cocker
12th Darren Cainey

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ELV clean up at TT series

ELV riders came home from the last night of the Hog Hill Tuesday Tens Club with a total of 6 prizes. Riders had to compete on at least 6 of the 11 Tuesdays to qualify for the series prizes.

Adam French – 1st Junior
Anna Grundy – 1st Lady
Michael Rolfe – 2nd Vet
James Cocker – 2nd Senior
Dave Bamford – 3rd Senior
Anna Grundy/James Cocker – 1st mixed 2up – a one off for the last night

Good news is that the Lea Valley CC will be running the tens again next year, hope to see a few more ELVs there to increase the medal haul.

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Tour de Navestock

Tour de Navestock

Navestock, édition TDF, notres chers hôtes, si gentils

The Prologue edition of the Club 10 on 3 July gave us the chance to celebrate the Tour de France. A sublime summer evening called forth really competitive rides and eye-catching times for the single five mile lap.

None of this was more memorable than the beautiful picnic that followed. Craig, Riba, it was amazing, thank you.

Thank you too to everyone else who made the evening happen.

Here are the results, taken from the site of our co-promoters, Becontree Wheelers

Timekeeper – Arthur Harragan, Becontree Wheelers


Position Name Club Time BWCC
Total Sen Vet Jun Ladies
1 1 Terry Garlinge East London Velo 11:18
2 2 Dave Barnes East London Velo 11:28
3 1 Michael Rolfe East London Velo 11:44
4 3 1 Adam French East London Velo 11:54
5 2 Gary Tyrrell Becontree Wheelers 12:16 4
6 4 Dave Bamford East London Velo 12:21
7 =3 Steve Green PCA Ciclos Uno 12:34
8 =3 Hugo Robbins East London Velo 12:34
9 5 Tony Capon Becontree Wheelers 12:36 3
10 6 Ian Damant Becontree Wheelers 12:38 2
11 7 Craig Veall East London Velo 12:56
12 8 Ian Davis Shaftsbury 13:10
13 1 Anna Grundy East London Velo 13:13
14 2 Ruth Middleton East London Velo 13:15
15 5 Karthic Kukathasan Becontree Wheelers 13:54 1
16 9 Pete Swallow Shaftsbury 14:04
17 10 Les Howell PCA Ciclos Uno 14:19
18 11 Dave Nolan Shaftsbury 14:20
19 2 James Green East London Velo 14:33
20 12 Mick French East London Velo 14:34
21 3 Will Aldridge East London Velo 15:15
22 3 Jan Swallow Shaftsbury 15:36
23 6 Darrell Woodhead East London Velo 16:05
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Galvin takes the win in the Finchley RR

ELV Road Race Captain Graham Galvin won the ERRL Finchley Road Race today, which capped a great team performance.

Galvin delivered the coup de grâce with 15 miles to go, breaking from the bunch and taking one rider with him. He duly powered to the finish and took the sprint by 3 bike lengths.

More to follow….

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ELV RR 21st June – Report and Results

Photo Finish Camera

East London Vélo Road Race – 21 June Regional A – Birds Green Circuit
A full field of 70 riders set off on a dry yet cool midsummer’s day for over 70 miles racing on the undulating Birds Green course in Essex.

It didn’t take long for the action to start with a group of 4 going clear on the first lap. The break appeared strong, featuring two riders notable for being in the mix this year, Phil Hersey (Eagle RC) and Basil Moss (Cambridge CC) who were accompanied by another Cambridge CC rider, Andy Hudson plus Rob Hunt from the API Metrow. Hunt led the leaders across the line taking the first prime with the bunch already nearly a minute behind.

The break was looking good with fortune about to shine on them. Continuous infringement of the central reservation led to the bunch being stopped and cautioned by the Commissaire with the break continuing to plough ahead. With two laps of five gone the break had a seemingly unassailable lead of over 4 minutes on the bunch, who crossed the finish line riding at a pace that was so piano Liberace sprang to mind. It seemed the race was over with the break out of sight and the bunch having to settle for fighting for 5th at best.

Two to go and Hunt made another effort for the line after Hudson had taken the previous lap’s prime. Perhaps this was the first sign that the break wasn’t working as well as it might, fighting for primes rather than sharing them out. The suspicion was confirmed 90 seconds later as the bunch thundered past, the bit clearly between their teeth and lined out down the finishing straight. Rather than call the day over it seemed a number of teams were co-operating to hunt the break down – something rarely seen at this level in the region. Race on.

One to go and the break was all over, swept away by a rampant bunch. Nick Hastler (Essex Roads CC) led over the line with teammate Ian Randall on his wheel, the rest of the bunch charging along a couple of lengths back with the bell ringing in their ears. The race and the £100 first prize were still very much up for grabs.

Back to the race radio and through the strains of interference it was possible to hear a rider had broken clear with others trying to bridge across. Another crackle and one rider remained clear, holding the bunch at bay. A sizeable crowd had gathered at the finish line straining to look down the finishing straight as it faded out of sight to the right. A figure emerged, alone, powering around the final corner, it was birthday boy and ERRL strongman Neil Chapman (Maldon and District CC). Chapman had plenty of time to celebrate his birthday and the win as he crossed the line well ahead of the bunch.

Ian Randall powered up the drag of a finishing straight to take the bunch sprint and second place with the rest of the race hot on his heels. Randall completed an excellent series of results and looks to be through the door to 1st cat status

The East London Velo boys & girls enjoyed a day off racing and would like to thank sponsors Windsor Signs, Agisko, Deburgo Joinery and J Joliffe Painters and Decorators for helping provide a healthy prize list. Thanks also go to the accredited marshals and BC officials, without whom there would be no racing on the open roads for us to enjoy.

Graham Galvin – Event Organiser

Birthday boy Neil Chapman (Maldon and District) and Event Organiser Graham Galvin.

1 Neil Chapman Maldon & District CC – 2 hours 53 mins 23 secs
2 Ian Randall Essex Roads CC
3 Piers Brown Finchley Racing Team
4 Jamie Caldwell St Ives CC
5 Michael Auger VC Norwich
6 Gordon Cobb Stowmarket & District CC
7 Maksymillian Tarczynski API – Metrow
8 Trevor Ormes Lotto Olympia Team Interbike
9 James Price PCA Ciclos Uno
10 Ian Samuel Crest CC – Ilford
11 Daniel Crawley Crest CC – Ilford
12 Costa Pierides Finchley Racing Team
13 David Brown Essex Roads CC
14 William Hedden Glade CC
15 Nicholas Hastler Essex Roads CC
16 Tom Stephenson Ipswich BC
17 Tom Fitzpatrick API – Metrow
18 Sean Kilroy Glade CC
19 Nathan Miller Lotto Olympia Team Interbike
20 Steven Hubbard Cambridge CC
21 Daryl Gannon Finchley Racing Team
22 Martin Meades API – Metrow
23 Oliver Caddy Cambridge CC
24 Thomas Castle Ipswich BC
25 Matt Meadows Metropolitan Police CC
26 Ronald Crawley Crest CC – Ilford
27 Ben Wright VC Revolution
28 Colin Mannakee Glendene CC / Bike Trax
29 Trevor Holmes Diss & District CC
30 Chris Hughes Cambridge CC
31 Nicola Juniper Glendene CC / Bike Trax
32 Ben Preston Eagle RC
33 Valentino Fontana Colour-Tech RT
34 Adam Keer Ipswich BC
35 Gavin Moore Stowmarket & District CC
36 Daniel Scott Shaftesbury CC
37 Glen Vinnicome Cambridge CC
38 Benjamin Brown Whitewebbs CC
39 Jamie Anderson North Road CC
40 Basil Moss Cambridge CC
41 Alan Lawrence VC Revolution
42 Darren Hughes Chelmer CC
43 Thomas Durno Chelmer CC
44 Tony Couchman Glade CC
45 Tyler Denmead Cambridge CC
46 David Boakes Chelmer CC
47 Thomas Caldwell St Ives CC
48 Daniel Zagni Ipswich BC
49 Simon Asher Velo Club Baracchi
50 Andy Hudson Cambridge CC
51 Philip Hersey Eagle RC
52 Richard Whitehorn Glade CC
53 Marco Coppola Gemini BC
54 Thomas Crouch Felt Racing
55 Mark Porter Glade CC
56 Andrew Cullinane Finchley Racing Team
57 Geoff Bridger Crest CC – Ilford
58 Peter Ingram Ipswich BC

59 Hamish Hoare Maldon & District CC

60 George Pearl Southend Wheelers

61 Colin Ringrose Chelmer CC
62 Robert Hunt API – Metrow

DNF Dermot Kealey Finchley Racing Team – DISQUALIFIED
DNF Douglas Bradshaw Cambridge CC
DNF Trevor Whittock Lea Valley CC
DNF Peter Humphreys Southend Wheelers
DNF Matthew Flynn Stowmarket & District CC
DNF Simon Beeforth VC Revolution
DNF Paul Dewberry VC Revolution
DNF David Staff BC Private Member

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The Fastest Man in East London Vélo

Or do you know different?
Our fastest man, or do you know different? © Sarah Brooke

Simon Bateson today added a win in the Victoria Time Trial Series on the E1/10a course to his Westerley 25 title, and top 30 placings in the National 10 and 25 mile time trials.

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One Perfect Break


© Martin Orpen

James Cocker and Wayne Crombie on their way to winning the Abberton Road Race (ERRL) on 7 June. Guile and race-wit opened the way to a demonstration of peerless strength and aggression: the ELV pair pulled out an emphatic lead of almost two minutes. We congratulate them – it really doesn’t come any better than this.

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Tommy Guns it…

ELV rider Jonathon “Tommy” Tomlinson took a fantastic victory in the Ken Wright Memorial Road Race on Sunday.

© Martin Orpen

Jason Jeffers also managed a fantastic result picking up third in the bunch sprint and finishing 4th overall.

The team also rode fantastically to play there part in the victory. Well done Tommy!

Full Results here.

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Hold the Front Page……

4 stalwart members of ELV went to take part in the Ronde Van Vlaanderen sportive over the weekend. Peter, Tommy, Murdo and Leon

Thanks to the hard efforts made by Rob Windsor getting the kit ready for distribution on thursday, Peter and Leon were able to test run the new ELV kit. Testament to how striking the kit looks, in a sportive which had about 17,000 participants, the new ELV kit manage to make it onto the front page of a Belgian Newspaper.

A big thanks also goes to Laura (Tommy’s other half) for ferrying the ELV riders around all weekend and having absolutely amazing navigational skills which allowed us to chase the real Ronde the following day.

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North Road Hardriders TT – 22nd February

Report by our Time Trial Captain Simon Gent – Some more pictures from the day can be found in the Gallery

Of the eleven who signed up to ride this event, we managed nine to ride on the day (bad luck Dave Bamford regarding your Achilles and good to hear it’s on the mend).

The entire course was road work free – again thanks to Dave Bamford who through subtle negotiation managed to persuade a highways worker to delay his erecting a set of work lights right at the start of the course!  The weather hinted at spring even with a number of persons braving shorts.

But let’s cut to the chase, who did how well?  On our roll of honour we start with Mr S. Bateson who roared around the course in 1h 3m and some seconds (I won’t be placing exact times in this email as fatigue now clouds my brain) and had a juicy duel with Dean Lubin by all accounts.  Lubin snuck it this time but if they come head to head again just watch this space.

Second fastest, Dave Barnes.  I had the honour of him shaving four minutes off me and catch me with three or four miles to go.  He really looked the part as he apparently sauntered by pushing a high gear with ease whilst I struggled with mid range gears.  Ta Dave, you know how to make a man feel special!  He also had a good old duel with the rider ahead of him and Dave ultimately saw him off.  1h 8m and something I think.

Then Mr Cocker or as he may call himself tonight ‘Kick meself Cocker’!  Somehow missed his slot.  Got 1 1/2 min penalty and still managed to come third fastest in the club! 1h 9m and something.  I suspect this ride is particularly creditable because as any of you know who’ve had a go at TT, the biggest enemy is between your ears and those little gremlins can really talk you down.  So well done I say for for dusting yourself off and putting in a fab time.

Next up Javier.  He does TT all wrong.  He rides at will, not steady pace.  He has no TT bars.  He smiles alot as he competes.  No no no.  And still he comes in at 1h 10m and something!  I hope they appreciate you as much in Madrid as you deserve. Well done.

Then we have Rob ‘give it a go’ Windsor who thought he’d ride a TT bike on what is a tricky course.  1h 11m and something.  And all on 5 hours sleep as he had to contend with a teenagers’ party the night before.  I have a funny feeling he was last man standing at that party.  Well done sir.

Then it was me with – and I can remember this succinctly – 1h 12m 57s.  I am making that classic mistake now of thinking of it as 1h 12m and not 1h 13m.  What can I say about me?  I tell you what, I found it very hard mentally.  I seemed to keep telling myself I was going rubbishly and really had to fight to push those thoughts to the back of my head.  In the finish I was happy with my time because I tell you what I did not fancy it at the beginning!  Felt nervous and a bit sick.  Don’t know why.  Can anybody else relate to that?  Discuss

Then we had the ‘commuters’.. Mr Spencer Wilson and Mr Darren Cainey.  They thought they’d cycle to the start to warm up and they did.  Spencer’s TT bars were brilliant, they were very Greg Lemond a la 1989 which was a lovely touch on a) a bang up to date Cervelo and b) a touch of nostalgia in a sea of Carbon.

It really did remind me of the 1989 Tour de France.

Spencer got 1h 14m and something and So did Darren.  I think Spencer edged Darren time wise but they cycled back together so I hope friendship hasn’t suffered.  Neither made sounds of ‘Oh we must do this event again’.  Come to think of it, neither did anybody else!

And last mention in dispatches goes to Anna G.  The women’s race was really about what would Emma Trott do (virtually pro – rode on Nicole Cook’s team last year) and then who could sort it for second.  And Anna was damned close.  I know the other participants clocked 1h 21m something and Anna was slightly behind with 1h 22m something.  I know though all the others had TT bars and/ or machines and Anna was on a road bike.

Does this make a difference?  Hell yes.  Spencer told us he read that somebody not on TT bars can lose up to six minutes on a 25 course so bloody well done Anna for keeping definitely in sight of your rivals.

How did we fair compared to the rest?  There were ten guys under the hour.  And they are professional.  It is a serious quality field and we can hold our collective heads up I think.  My thanks to you all for riding and to Lesley, Dave, Hugo and Stacey who provided good support on the course.

I’ll never do it again.  See you all next year at it.


Position Name Team Cat Time
1 Simon Gaywood Team Corley Cycles 0:58:36
2 Wouter Sybrandy Sigma Sport 0:58:54
3 Matthew Bottrill De Rosa RT 0:59:20
4 Darren Barclay Arctic – Premier Racing Team 0:59:46
5 Richard Prebble Candi TV – Pinarello RT V 0:59:51
6 Julian Ramsbottom De Rosa RT 0:59:58
7 Danny Axford Arctic – Premier Racing Team 1:00:30
8 James Perkins Zenith CC 1:00:32
9 Michael Broadwith Shorter Rochford RT 1:01:32
10 Brett Harwood Westbrook Cycles 1:02:24
11 Scott Walker De Rosa RT 1:02:25
12 Dean Lubin PCA Ciclos Uno 1:02:58
13 Jonathan Shubert Verulam CC 1:03:24
14 Simon Bateson East London Velo 1:03:50
15 Martin Garner De Rosa RT 1:04:10
16 Pnut Arnold API Metrow 1:04:59
17 Tom Lackerby De Rosa RT J 1:05:40
18 Daniel Bill Strafford CC 1:05:52
19 Jez Cox Team Bike and Run London 1:05:56
20 Darren Treadaway Shorter Rochford RT 1:06:10
20 David Vaughan Shorter Rochford RT 1:06:10
22 Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park CC V 1:06:17
23 Phil Lisher Team Welwyn 1:06:37
24 Nick Sparks Sheffield Triathlon Club 1:06:55
25 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton V 1:07:20
26 Tom Gosbee Team Welwyn J 1:07:22
27 Murdo Jamieson Kingston Wheelers 1:07:24
28 Sam Hayes Bedfordshire Road Club 1:07:57
29 David Barnes East London Velo 1:08:02
30 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC 1:08:06
31 Emma Trott VC Londres L 1:08:24
32 Stewart Wilson Roy Pink Cycles RT 1:09:11
33 James Cocker East London Velo 1:09:15
34 David Staff VTTA East Anglia V 1:09:28
35 Desmond *CENSORED* Kenton Road Club V 1:09:48
36 Dave Candy Shorter Rochford RT V 1:10:22
37 Neil Hornett Chelmer CC 1:10:36
38 Michael Metayer Kingston Wheelers 1:10:39
39 Nicholas Latimer North Road CC 1:10:47
40 Javier Carabias East London Velo 1:10:57
41 Simon Layfield Team Welwyn V 1:10:58
42 Alex Peeke Welwyn Wheelers 1:11:05
43 Robert Windsor East London Velo V 1:11:09
44 Neil Marrin Finsbury Park CC 1:11:37
45 Alex Anderson Welwyn Wheelers J 1:11:45
46 Steve James North Road CC 1:11:58
47 Alex Turner FVS TRI 1:12:13
48 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC V 1:12:44
49 Robert Engers Shorter Rochford RT V 1:12:55
50 Simon Gent East London Velo 1:12:57
51 Scarlett Parker Rollapaluza CC 1:13:12
52 Daniel Young Alltrax 1:13:44
53 Tony Stott Westbrook Cycles V 1:13:54
54 Jeff Robinson North Road CC 1:14:06
55 Spencer Wilson East London Velo 1:14:28
56 Darren Cainey East London Velo V 1:14:55
57 Philip Young Hertfordshire Wheelers V 1:15:05
58 Avie Yiangou Whitewebbs CC V 1:15:07
59 Tom Silverlock Hemel Hempstead CC V 1:15:27
60 Ralph Dadswell Antelope Racing Team TV 1:16:36
61 Michael Clark FVS TRI V 1:17:10
62 Tony Shoesmith North Road CC 1:17:48
63 Simon Best North Road CC V 1:18:06
64 Graham Freer Finsbury Park CC V 1:19:19
65 Tim Chandler Welwyn Wheelers 1:19:31
66 Andrew Ilsley A5 Rangers 1:19:32
67 Barry Page Hertfordshire Wheelers V 1:19:55
68 Lyndon Lewis Bedfordshire Road Club V 1:20:05
69 Sue Fenwick Crest CC LV 1:20:42
70 Samuel Parker Finsbury Park CC 1:20:46
71 David Ledgerton Hitchin Nomads CC V 1:21:48
72 Caroline Harding Finchley RT L 1:21:55
73 Anna Grindy East London Velo L 1:22:59
74 Andrew Porter Welwyn Wheelers V 1:23:20
75 Warren Cobb North Road CC V 1:30:39

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Hog Hill Winter Series 10 – Results

14th February 2009

Updated series standing available here

We are very sorry to have to announce that East London Vélo’s Ruth Middleton came off her bike in the tenth race of the series.  She has broken her collar bone and so will be unable to ride again for several weeks.

Ruth, however has been crowned as the Winter Queen of the Hill as her lead in the Women’s series is now unassailable.

We all wish you a speedy recovery, Ruth.

Results            78 Riders

Regional C+

1    Ashley    Cox    CC Ashwells
2    Edward    Beharrell    Welwyn Wheelers
3    Christopher     Dick    Private Member
4    Patrick    Scorboro    Fit For
5    Stephen     Dodson    Private Member
6    Greg    Moss    London Road Club
7    Harry    Davies    East London Velo
8    Andrew    Baker    Private Member
9    Luis    Rendon    East London Velo
10    Gonzalo    Rodriguez    East London Velo
11    Eoin    Keating    Dulwich Paragon CC
12    Kieron    Redmond    Dulwich Paragon CC
13    Robert    Wright    Addoscome CC
14    Adam    French    East London Velo
15    Christopher     Coindy    OUCC
16    Tom    Bishop    London Phoenix
17    Nash    Bishop    Private Member
18    Martin    Orpen    Interbike
19    Peter    Hawkins    Chelmer cc
20    Mark    Lyttle    Private Member
21    Andrew    Angwin    London Phoenix
22    Charlie    Bailiffq    Private Member
23    Lawrence    Woolley    Dulwich Paragon CC

Regional B
1    Hugo    Humphreys    LVYCC
2    Ashley    Cox    CC Ashwells
3    Rob    Jeffroy    London Dynamo
4    Jonathan    Appleby    North Road CC
5    Jamie    Anderson    North Road CC
6    Nick    Sparks    Private Member
7    Harry    Littlechild    London Dynamo
8    Dermot    Kealey    Mosquito Bikes
9    Henry    Martin    OUCC
10    Christopher     Baldwin    Eagle RC
11    Christian    Spencer Dasvies    Private Member
12    Dan    Falconar    Dulwich Paragon CC
13    Joe    Harris    Reading CC
14    Jon    Lewis    Charlottville
15    Owen    Lake    Cambridge CC
16    James    Wallace    Private Member
17    Scott     Bentley    Dulwich Paragon CC
18    Gregory    Rowlands    Dulwich Paragon CC
19    Neil    Marrin    Finsbury Park CC
20    Jason    Kettle    LYYCC
21    Richard     Wood    VC Revoluntion
DNF 10

Women Only
1    Charlie    Blackman    London Dynamo
2    Kate    Scotter    VC Norwich
3    Rachel    Przybylsci    Charlottville
4    Stacey    Cooley    East London Velo

National B
1    Richard    Mason    London Dynamo
2    Joe    Skipper    BMC RT
3    Richard    Hoult    London Dynamo
4    Werner    Otto    Finchley RT
5    Samual    Parker    OUCC
6    Stuart    Spies    London Dynamo
7    Phil    Hersey    Eagle RC
8    Phil    Murrell    Finsbury Park CC
9    Guy    Powdrill    London Dynamo
10    Murdo    Jamieson    Kingston Wheelers
11    Cameron    Austin    London Dynamo
12    David    Barnes    East London Velo
13    Flavio    Zappi    OUCC
14    Joe    Hemmant    London Dynamo
15    Richard    De Silva    Stevange CC

16    Simon    Bateson    East London Velo .

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